About Fabric Pros

We have been helping customers select geotextile fabrics since the late 1990's and and through over two decades of experience have learned what fabric works and what doesn't for nearly every application you can come up with. We can't always tell you which "exact" fabric is absolutely ideal for your specific application but we can tell you what has worked for thousands of customers doing pretty much the same thing you are.

Simplified Approach

Instead of offering hundreds of extremely similar fabrics we have simply selected the best fabric for the application based on decades of customer experience.

Commercial-Grade Fabric Only

We only sell commercial grade fabrics designed for long term installation. This isn't the "paper like" material that you find at the big box online or local store.

Fast Shipping

When you place an order with us we process your order right away and get it shipped out ASAP from one of four distribution centers located in key locations around the USA.

Customer Service that Actually Cares

Having an issue with your order? We make it personal. (in a good way!) Question about a product? Feel free to give us a call (we actually pickup our phone, no menus!)


Give us a Call: (800) 214-5028
Monday - Friday 5 AM - 5 PM